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ws_price1_11-2017Morgan Samuel Price’s landscapes arews_price2_11-2017 composed of keen observation and observed fact. Masterful technique and love of paint allows her to express feelings for light and shadow cast by the moving sun. The work has a freshness and delight of the artist’s faith in nature. Jean Stern PhD., Executive Director for the Joan Irvine Smith Museum of California Impressionists writes: “Morgan Samuel Price is among the best of the true plein air painters of today, that is to say, artists who paint outdoors with the full conviction that the only way to capture the true, fluid effect of natural light is to paint outdoors, amidst that specific light.”


What students say…

“It’s the way Morgan takes all the building blocks that are so hard to keep in your head at the same time you are painting and gives you a system for remembering it. Her demos are HANDS ON. She had us all try to grab her brush from her hand during various strokes, so we could feel how firmly or loosely she was holding it. She is a great informative teach . I would take her workshop again.”  –   Sandra Harmon


More about Morgan Samuel Price –  http://morgansamuelprice.com/

Thursday thru Saturday: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm       Min. 6, Max 12